My amazing right hand and publisher, Karen Perkins, with a true LionheART  and who has her own connections to Zimbabwe

Bestselling author of Thores-Cross & The Valkyrie Series   

        My   First   Travel   Books



Your Captain Frankie Welcomes You Aboard

Angelic Airlines


          Children, Fly With Us and See Our

Wonderful World and Earth of Creation & Love

My First Travel Book Angelic Airline Adventures.

I was inspired to write these travel books by our son Frankie, who is taking off in his aerospace career. I wanted to link up the children of the world on Angelic Airlines and take them to so many beautiful places of interest on our wonderful planet Earth with all its beautiful creations and resources.

I also wanted to educate our children and widen their scope of interest in appreciating their amazing surroundings, creations and nature as well as look after our environment for the many generations still to come. Captain Frankie enlightens and has fun with the children while flying them to so many beautiful destinations, teaching and connecting our children around the world from country to country and culture to culture. He builds bridges between children and parents as they read the book together and interest children in travel. My First Travel Book is a fun, informative, educational children’s book.

Why I chose these destinations.

This very bright, crispy morning, while sitting on our backyard balcony in the warm, lovely sun, drinking my Greek coffee with the birds happily singing and chirping in the background, my thoughts take me back to the time that I started writing our children’s book, My First Travel Book. 

What was it in my heart at that particular moment that led me to choose these lovely destinations for Captain Frankie to fly to? Our beautiful beloved home where we lived and grew up, Zimbabwe, with her mighty, thunderous water of wonder, Victoria Falls. Our land of Africa with its wonderful wild animals and life, its stillness of natural beauty, its fascinating people. My country of birth and culture, Greece, with its ancient landmark, the Acropolis. Our present country of residence, the USA, the country of freedom, where the opportunity for Captain Frankie was given to take up the love of his life and career as a pilot, and her amazing, huge landmark, The Statue of Liberty. The land of Canada where our two sons were given their opportunities to reside with the mighty curtain of water so very powerful, The Niagara Falls. The Eiffel Tower where the beginning of our two sons' Canadian future paths began. This is the “beautiful bright sun shining light” that suddenly shone in my heart on this wonderful morning and which took me back to thinking of that particular moment of our angelic flights and choices of destinations in our children’s book with Captain Frankie.


Let us take a deep look into the bottom of our happy hearts our inner selves and know that we all have HAPPY, wonderful, thankful, mysterious, worthwhile stories to tell our family, friends, the world, to all of our children in our world, always with such happy endings, always seeking more and more happy, fun adventures to travel to in our beautiful world.