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Our Kids Corner

“Thumbs Up”

Jonathan "what a guy"

in Scotland

Loved the flight with “Captain Frankie” to some amazing destinations in the world. He plans to one day visit his mother’s birth land, Zimbabwe to see the Almighty Victoria Falls “The Smoke That Thunders” with its beautiful rainbow above. Jonathan do not forget your raincoat and you can also go bungy jumping, whitewater rafting and have fun.

Our Beautiful Ella

in Ireland

A bedtime story from “My First Travel Book” – “Tick Tock” goes the Big Clock “Big Ben” fascinated by “Captain Frankie” on his Angelic Airline flights.

Lovely Sisters

our Special Friends girls In Ireland

Travelling to some of the wonderful destinations in our world, on angelic flights to the beautiful destinations taking a look at the illustrations, takes the girls around the world, reading and learning interesting information, singing to the rhymes.

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                                  Meet Our Little Readers

“Welcome aboard Angelic Airlines. This is your Captain Frankie, and I will be flying you to Africa’s Wildlife National Parks, the biggest being the Serengeti. We will visit, discover and learn about

Africa’s “Big Five” Wild Animals.

Stow your bags overhead, take your seats and fasten your seat belts for our take off on a smooth flight together on this wondrous journey through Africa’s sunsets and sunrises—such colorful and flaming skies.

Into the plains and wilderness we go!

It is a lovely sunny day today and I hope you enjoy your flight.

Make yourselves comfortable, we have lots of healthy drinks and meals for you.

Oh, and children, do not forget to put on your safari clothes and special safari hats.”


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 Niagara Falls National Parks Book Launch

              Thank you for hosting me for such a fun day


   Wanaque author is inspired to pen children's travel book series

                 Monday, September 23, 2013 BY TARA KOLTON STAFF WRITER Suburban Trends

Wanaque resident Anna Othitis officially launched her first children’s book, "My First Travel Book," at Niagara Falls State Park in New York over the summer. Niagara Falls is one of the seven famous destinations featured in this educational book aimed for children between the ages of 3 and 10."My First Travel Book" features Victoria Falls in Othitis’ native Zimbabwe as one of its destinations. Anna and her son, Frankie, worked together to write and edit the book that was recently released. This sculpture, which stands in the Military Museum in Gweru, Zimbabwe, was one of Anna Othitis’ sources of inspiration when she decided to write a children’s travel book. It was made by a rural man from sticks and small tree trunks, in the image of a plane he saw flying overhead – a sight so rare in Zimbabwe’s remote regions that he perceived it as a huge bird. - See more at:


        My   First   Travel   Books

 And Awenbhawe! into the Savanah we go with our tour guide Elia on his Repsol motorbike.