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My amazing right hand and publisher, Karen Perkins, with a true LionheART  and who has her own connections to Zimbabwe

LionheART Publishing House


Helping authors publish and develop their careers worldwide

LionheART Publishing House (an imprint of LionheART Galleries) was established by novelist Karen Perkins together with poet, theater and film director, Peter Mutanda, in 2011 to help authors publish independently.

Whether you are looking for help with one specific area of publishing or a fully comprehensive service, the LionheART team can help: From editing a raw manuscript to the final polish, formatting your book for print, Kindle and Epubs, book cover design by a professional graphic designer to creating a stunning book trailer, as well as a range of promotional services to help you climb those sales rankings. It is a privilege to be asked to help bring a new book into the world, and an honor to join you on your road to publication. We will do our utmost to make your path as smooth as possible.

​ “As writers we are wordsmiths, creating a world, characters and story through language, and punctuation is one of the tools of language. To ignore it, except for rare exceptions, to me is like Monet painting with the wrong colors, or Michelangelo attempting to sculpt using a hammer when a chisel is needed.” ​
“Words are what we do, language is our medium and punctuation our tool. When I write, I want to take my readers to my world, to join my characters on their journey, to experience their challenges, traumas, desires. I want them to take this journey with me, without noticing the individual words, full stops or commas. I want them to lose themselves in the story, not in the mechanics of it, and this will only happen if all the elements are right.”
Karen Perkins


Karen Perkins

Karen Perkins lives in Yorkshire, UK, where she spends her time writing and publishing as proprietor of LionheART Publishing House. She has been a keen sailor since childhood, competing nationally and internationally until the day she had both National and European Ladies Champion titles. Although she no longer takes to the water, she continues to enjoy sailing in her imagination and fiction – capsizing far less often!

She has written the novella (Ill Wind) and the full-length novel (Dead Reckoning – long-listed in the Mslexia Novel Competition 2011) both of which are number one bestsellers in Sea Adventures on in the Valkyrie Series. Look Sharpe!, Valkyrie 3, has just been released and will shortly be followed by Ready About!.

Karen Perkins has also written the novel, Thores-Cross. A dark, haunting tale set in the North Yorkshire Moorsabout isolation, superstition and persecution, Thores-Cross follows the stories of Emma, a present day writer, and Jennet, an eighteenth century witch. Thores-Cross is a number one bestseller in British Horror on

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